Whidbey Island & Lake Havasu





Whidbey Island & Lake Havasu




What do I need to bring?

Bring your camera, waterproof jacket, hat and water bottle. Anything else is optional. For inclement weather or if our tour includes boat travel, bring a waterproof layer for you and your camera!

How shall I dress?

Comfortable shoes are a must! It also helps if shoes are reasonably water-tight. Dress casually, in layers, as the weather may change during the tour. 

Should/may I bring food? 

Bring a beverage and snack for half-day tours, or beverage and sack lunch for full-day tours. Concessions are not available during half- and full-day tours.

What will the weather be like?

We often have sunny weather, but you should always be prepared for rain and/or wind. For a specific forecast, visit one of these links:   Whidbey Island     Lake Havasu

What happens if it rains, snows or is windy?

We have even more fun! Weather conditions offer some great photographic opportunities. We promise you'll be pleased with the results.

Can I bring my kids or grandchildren?

Hidden Wonders Photo Tours welcomes photographers of any ability, as long as they are aged 12 or older. We request that each photographer be enthusiastic about joining the excursion, and each person in attendance must be 'ticketed'. Rates are per-person (youth prices are the same as adult prices) unless otherwise specified.

What if I don't know how to use my camera?

Don't worry, you will after this excursion! Bring your camera's user manual just in case.

Are these tours for digital or film photographers?

Both digital and film are welcome, however the instruction provided is optimized for digital photographers. Plus, the instant results of digital help reinforce successful learning patterns!

Will I need to tip the artist/guide?

Tips are appreciated but not obligatory. If you wish to express your satisfaction with a tip, your artist/guide will gladly accept.

Might my tour be cancelled?

The tour guide may opt to cancel a tour in the event of conditions that risk the safety and security of guests and/or staff. We fully refund any tour we cancel, however you may opt to reschedule in lieu of a refund.

What happens if I sign up but my schedule changes?

Upon request, and with at least 72 hours advance notice, your tour date can be rescheduled if space is available. Schedule changes cannot be accommodated with less than 72 hours notice. Should you need to cancel with a minimum of 72 hours notice, 50% of the tour cost (not including fees) will be refunded. Sorry, no refunds for cancellations with less than 72 hours notice, or for no-shows.

more questions?

Feel free to contact us and we'll address your questions and concerns.